Carpet Installation by a Professional Flooring Contractor

When you hire a professional to install your carpet you know that the job is going to be done correctly and efficiently. You want a high standard of carpet installation to not only ensure that it looks good, but because installation also affects the longevity of carpet.

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Carpet: an Plush Choice for Home or Business

There is no doubt that a primary reason to love carpeting is how soft and comfortable it is under foot. In colder climes, it assures that you won’t be walking across a cold floor with bare feet. But don’t think you are going to sacrifice design for comfort. It is absolutely not true… with all the designer carpeting styles out there, the options for color, style, and pattern are endless!Flooring Cost Comparison Chart

Carpeting is most popular installed in bedrooms and in various commercial settings. It offers noise reduction, which is especially important if you have upstairs bedrooms or need quiet spaces.

Plush carpet is the type we install the most. It’s pile is cut to a uniform height creating a sleek, smooth finish. It is dense, constructed from closely tufted strands, and can have a velvety appearance. Plush carpet is beautifully soft and can be made from both wool or synthetic fibers.

Carpeting Costs

Carpeting Costs Per Yard: $8-20

Carpet Installation Services We Offer

  • Carpet Repair
  • Carpet Stretching
  • Carpet/Pad Tear Out & Disposal
  • Carpet Installation

Call to see carpet samples at your location and get a FREE estimate: (561) 788-2222

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